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What will a procedure like this cost me?
The whole procedure is completed in one session. The fact that these fibres are high technology materials and the treatmentrequires special skills the fee charged might differ from practice to practice.
The fee for a FRC bridge can be from 400.
These are some of the factors that will be taken into consideration when quoting a fee for your FRC bridge:

The number teeth to be splinted

The preparation on the anchor teeth

The construction of the fibre frame.

The amount of fibres used in the FRC bridge

The quality of the composite material.

The method used to construct the FRC bridge (there are different ways for

different cases).

The position of the bridge in the mouth.

The FRC bridges are cost-effective and are, in most cases, half the fee of a

conventional porcelain fused to metal bridge. It is also approximately less than one

third of the fee for an implant retained crown