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Complete dentures

Standard dentures are made for people who are already missing all their teeth. The top denture relies on "suction" to retain it, and the hardness of the underlying tissues for its stability.  It generally takes 4 or sometimes more appointments to make a set of  standard dentures. 

When a patient has no remaining teeth .

Partial dentures

Patient has lost several teeth.

Dental check-ups will allow us to work out the best course of treatment. An impression of your gums will be taken so that your dentures match the shape and structure of your mouth.

If you've had teeth removed, you will need to allow time for your gums to heal and shrink back. This means that your first set of dentures is unlikely to be your last and there will be an ongoing process of refinement.

We'll ask you to come back for review, in case if your dentures need any adjustments so that they are working well.

You will be rewarded every time you show off your fantastic new smile.

It would be wise to invest in the finest quality appliance, which will be costeffectve.